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An award-winning artist whose work has appeared
on covers, calendars and brochures.


Landmark and Historical Places
Gristmills, Pottingsheds
Springhouses and Covered Bridges
Beaches and Barrels
and Bushells of Flowers
Train Stations
Old Cape May, Olde City Philadelphia
Snow Scenes
And Countries far away

Member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society,
the Artist's Guild of Delaware County, and the Art League of Delaware County. Chester County Art Association

The scope of my work spans 35 years and has evolved to what it is today. As a young child I found myself with pencil & paper always in hand, sketching anything that would stay still. I was always trying capture the things I saw and put them onto paper.

It was only natural that I attend the Philadelphia Collage of Art.

In those early years I did commission work only, as I raised my family. In 1996 my husband retired, and gave me the "gift of time....Time that which one cannot beg, borrow or steal."

I was able for the first time in my life to paint night & day. These past years my portfolio has grown to over 215 pieces. I have turned to historical and landmark places.

I have traveled through Italy and England many times, taking home very memorable sites. My English Series includes 28 images and Italy 32. Some of my newest work now includes images of Israel France and Spain Morocco Belgium Ireland and Jordan

in addition to my paintings I have Photograhy for sale about 125 photos that will be on another web site

Our World has much beauty in it. As I complete a painting and stand back to look at it, I know that I do not paint alone.... I feel that I have a wonderful blessing in being given this talent, and yes it is true that there is a time for everything, even though it has come later in my is that much sweeter!!